Baloch Human Rights Organization

"Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person" Universal Declaration of Human Rights

FC is abducting and killing Baloch activists with the help of privileged and notable Baloch groups: Mama Qadeer


Karachi: While talking to visitor at hunger strike camp, Vice Chairman of VBMP said Pakistani forces, FC and intelligence agencies are abducting Baloch political and social activists with the help of privileged and notable Baloch groups. He said it is cheaper for Pakistani forces to use these beasts in disguise of Baloch against Baloch than to utilize their own Army, fuel and machinery. Therefore Pakistan is using abduct kill and dump policy in Balochistan.

“Another reason of these kinds of tactics is to avoid international pressure,” Mama Qadeer said. “But Now it is impossible for Pakistan to hide its heinous crimes from International community.”

He said Baloch national struggle is encompassed with social and economical justice and for the bright future of Baloch nation. For the very same purpose thousands of our youth have laid their lives and the sacrifices are continue.

Vice chairman of VBMP said those who are flapping their wings for the Pakistani parliament and seats should know that Baloch rights are bounded with the independence of Baluchistan and for this purpose Baloch pro independent groups are struggling.

“It is also a fact that only those win who are determined, genuine and sincere with their goal,” said Mama Qadeer.

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