Baloch Human Rights Organization

"Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person" Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Panjgur Siege And State Terrorism Continues : Baloch Human Rights Organisation


Spokesman of BHRO, in a statement released here on Sunday, said state terrorism is continued in Panjgur since last week. People are having different difficulties due to the siege.

He said forces surrounded house of martyr Saeed Baloch in Tasp and damaged the house looting valuables on Sunday. Aggression of Pakistani forces is at full swing in the area and attacks on Baloch sons of soil and abductions throughout Balochistan are continued unabated.

Spokesman of BHRO further said that Pakistani forces attacked house of Raheem Jan Baloch and kept his four sons namely Javed, Abobakar, Abbas and Illyas in custody for some time.

“The state forces had earlier attacked house of Saeed Baloch in Panjgur on 26 January and martyred Saeed Baloch whereas abducted six others. Three of the abducted were later released while others are still missing without any trace,” said BHRO’s spokesman

The spokesman of BHRO also reported that Pakistani forces entered house of Parvez Baloch in Gwadar torturing and later abducting him.

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