Baloch Human Rights Organization

"Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person" Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Pakistani Forces abducted more from Turbat & Panjgoor. BHRO

Baloch Human Rights Organization (BHRO) StatementThe Spokesperson of Baloch Human Rights Organization said in a press release that Pakistani forces abducted more five persons from a residential quarter near park hotel turbat on 10th of march 2013, masked armed persons siege the residential quarter at late night and they forcefully abducted Aslam Baloch s/o Wali Mohd,Mujeeb s/o Mohd Gull, Ibrahim baloch s/o Abdullah, Shah Mohd s/o Noor Mohd Baloch, Shahzaib Baloch s/o Noor Mohd.Spokesperson more said that pakistani Army with their backed death squads attack on a village Gopat area of Dera bugti, in this attack one woman and two children seriously wounded. Spokesperson further stated that Pakistani secrete agencies are killing abducted Balochs after dangerous torture, mutilated dead bodies of recently abducted Master Abdul Rehman &  Zahid Pazer Baloch were found in Malir area of Karachi, Master Abdul Rehman was abducted on 24th of  february from Panjgoor while Zahid Pazeer was abducted on 28th of february from Raees Goth area of Karachi, before it mutilated dead bodies of Iftekhar Mansoor and Maqbool Baloch were found from Mangoper area of Karachi, Iftekhar Baloch was abducted with Zahid Pazer & Waseem Baloch from karachi while Maqbool baloch was abduted in a military operation in Kharan with his brother whereas his brother is still missing. The Spokesperson of Baloch Human rights organization further stated that Master Abdul Rehman was abducted in a military operation in Panjgoor along with five persons while Zahid Pazeer was abducted from Karachi with his two friends, Recovery of these dead bodies indicate that other missing persons life is in danger who are abducted by Pakistani Army and other forces.


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