Baloch Human Rights Organization

"Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person" Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Pakistani forces arrested innocent children with fake charges of terrorism to hide their brutualites in Balochistan. BHRO

Protest for release arrested innocent children

Relatives of innocent children protesting against security forces

The Spokesperson of Baloch Human Rights Organization (BHRO) has said that state forces have publicized the arrest of Baloch children to
hide its human rights violation against Baloch nation in Balochistan.

Spokesperson further said that detaining the innocent Baloch children with fake charges of terrorism is an open barbarism by Pakistan.

Innocent children were psychologically tortured while they were presented as terrorist in front of the media by Pakistan security forces said BHRO spokesman.

Spokesperson said more about state terrorism “Pakistani military operations continue in Balochistan, where on 18th March they have attacked on a civilian population in Azyian Bazar, Mand area”

According to the BHRO they also abducted six more people who were identified as Javed baloch s/o Ayub baloch, Imran Baloch s/o Naseer Baloch, Haneef baloch s/o Pindok, Dilawer s/o Hammal baloch, Mullah Kamalan and Muslim s/o Ayub. While on 19th March Javed, Imran and Haneef were released but other enforced disappeared persons are still missing.

Spokesperson further said that Zameen Baloch s/o Jummah’s dead body was discovered from Mand near Iranian border who was abducted by Iranian forces.

Today Balochistan looks like a region where human rights are not applicable because state forces have made oppression, barbarism, torching the public property, kill and dump a daily routine.

International organisation that protects human rights and particularly children rights should play their vital role and take the notice of harassment and psychological torture of Baloch children.


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