Baloch Human Rights Organization

"Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person" Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The Human Rights violations have escalated alarmingly – BHRO

ImageThe representative of BHRO has said that human rights violations in Balochistan have escalated alarmingly. Terror and uncertainty prevails everywhere due to the indiscriminate brutalities by state forces on the people of Balochistan.

The forces, ruthlessly ignoring the pleas by international and local organisations for recovery of missing persons, continue to abduct more Baloch activists on daily basis.

The representative further said that though the international human rights organisations have showed their concern on human rights violations in Balochistan but it has only remained limited to lip services. It is high time that the these organisations practically take concrete steps to stop the abductions.

He further said that the Pakistani forces terrorised the locals of Awaran and abducted many people, on wednesday, which also include a resident of teertaj, Allah Baksh s/o Rozi Baloch.

“Continuous harassment of Baloch people without any crime on their part has become a hobby of state forces. The forces continue to do whatever they want with full impunity without being questioned from any corner,” said the representative of BHRO.

He further said that Pakistani forces have totally suppressed the rights of Baloch people. Curbing freedom of expression has become a household talk, which is evident from the recent attack and ban on Daily Tawar. The Pakistani forces have also banned the website of Tawar to further curtail the freedom of expression, which is criminal.


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