Baloch Human Rights Organization

"Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person" Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Pakistani Forces Abduct Three Baloch From Mastung – BHRO

208436_443233412419649_664282328_nThe representative of Baloch Human Rights Organization has said that the Pakistani forces, violating the sanctity of houses, raided localities in Mastung city and arrested Mohammad Azeem, Nauroz Baloch and another brother of him. We have reasons to believe that these people would also be disappeared and kept at unknown locations because the forces abduct people and then deny any involvement.

He further said that the forces keep the abducted Baloch in their torture cells for years before they dump their mutilated bodies in desolated places. These brutalities are subjected on the victims without any crime on the part of victims.

“The human rights violations in Balochistan are continued since many years and the Pakistani forces have abducted thousands in last one decade. 600 of the abducted Baloch have been torture murdered in torture cells. The bodies of the deceased show very gruesome marks of torture, which shame humanity,” he said.

He added that Pakistani forces have abducted Ghafoor Baloch from Kech. The Pakistani death squads also targeted the younger brother of martyr Shahsawar Baloch and injured him badly.

He appealed the local and international human rights organizations to take notice of brutalities in Balochistan on urgent basis.


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