Baloch Human Rights Organization

"Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person" Universal Declaration of Human Rights

State forces attacked house in Turbat, Panjgur and Dera Bugti


The spokesperson of Baloch Human Rights Organization said in a statement that state forces attacked the house of Ramzan Baloch in Danuk area of Turbat and abducted Ramzan Baloch along with Naeem Baloch, Soban Baloch and Mulla Latif. In a another incidence state forces attacked a house in Ghareebabad Chitkhan area of Panjgur  and abducted Two brothers Zaheer Anwar, Hafeez Anwar and another person Ateeque Baloch. In the continuity of state terrorism state forces started operation in Khandoor, Pathar Nala , Dhan and Peer koh and adjoining areas of Deera Bugti and Naseer Aabad, forcess cordoned of the area and  tortured children, women and elders .

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