Baloch Human Rights Organization

"Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person" Universal Declaration of Human Rights

State Forces Continue Their Terrorism In Balochistan

bhro logo finall-NextThe representative of Baloch Human Rights Organization has said that the state forces have intensified the brutalities on alarming rates. Military operations, abductions, dumping of tortured dead bodies, violation of sanctity of houses and raids have become household talks.

The forces conducted a search operation in Parom, Panjgur and abducted at least 20 innocent Baloch, which include Muneer Ahmed, Asif Baloch, Zahid Baloch, Waleed Baloch, Ejaz Baloch, Tariq Baloch, Nasir Baloch, Ali Ahmed, Azam Mazar Zai and others. During the operation the Pakistani security forces also maltreated women and elders. Whereas, the abducted people were taken to unknown locations and their relatives are in great distress.

The spokesman further said that the terroristic activities by state forces are continued and terror prevails everywhere in Balochistan. Though the forces have always been involved in worst kind of human rights violations but the recent surge in it is very alarming.

“The international human rights organizations should play a role in stopping these gross violations,” the spokesman for BHRO said.

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