Baloch Human Rights Organization

"Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person" Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Brutal operation in sui by state forces, 8 baloch killed 20 wounded.

Ibhro logo finall-Nextn a released statement by the representative of baloch human right organization it is said thate state forces have conducted a deadly opration in  Sunarri area of sui in wich 8 inocent baloch were dead and about 20 were criticaly  injured, houses has been loted and distroyed with explosives. State forces toke the area under sieg and begin the opration during wich thay broke in to the house of the localities and tortured inocent locals along with womens and childrens and loted the houses, after wich forces opened indiscremenete fire on a morning ceremony in nearby area where 8 attenddents of the deremony wer shot dead among wich are Shaban s/o Dallu, Dost Mohammad s/o Shaban, Murad s/o Dallu, Taaro s/o Jamal Khan, Angali s/o Kher Mohammad and Yousaf s/o Shehan all wer locals belonging to the bugti tribe and were frome the same family, deuring the masecare 20 other atendents of the ceremony wer criticaly injured. The situation was worst as all the means of transportation and helth facilities were cut off. During the opration forces distroyed the houses with explosives.The situation in the area was reported critical till the last information come out.

In another incidence in the area of terteej awaran  security forcess raided on a smal shop  and tortured the persons present in the shop, also loted all the valueables frome the shop.

The representativee said that human rights voilation in balochistan seems to be end less as the movmentem of such massacers and serius human rights voiletion is increasing day by day. Nither change in the state government nor the voices raised by international orgenizatin are giving any results to controle such voilations.

Families of the victumes continue there struggle and are on protist frome the past years but no cure is seem to exest. Serous steps must be taken by the united nation and international human rights orgenization to put a end to  the ongong baloch genocide, state terrorism and extreem voilation of human rights in balochistan.

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