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Baloch Human Rights Organization protest demo against ongoing forces operation in different Areas of Balochistan, enforce disappearance, extra judiciary killing and human right violation outside Karachi press club.

Baloch Human Rights Organization protested today against ongoing military operation in gomazi, malant,koshkalat,malikabad nezarabad of Makran region and different Areas of Balochistan  and enforce disappearance, extra judiciary killing and human right violation outside Karachi press club. They were having place cards and banners in their hands with different slogans against state terrorism, human rights violation and against silence of world community and so called human rights activists.Talking to the protesters speaker said forces are getting fast in their -tyranny on 24th  May forces operated Gomazai and Nezar Abad killed one person and burnt the houses as like  yesterday forces prolonged their operation to koshkalat Malikabad Nazarabad and Rodbun.

On 25th May forces attacked on civil population of  koshkalat Extra Judicially  killed two Balochs  70 years old Ghulam Mustufa and Allah Baksh they burnt  the houses looted cash and expansive material after  using highly flammable chemicals which destroyed the houses into ashes utterly and kidnapped  Master DurMohd with his sons. Later forces   continued their operation in  Nearby town Malikabad ceiled the all areas for  any kind of traffic and rushed to the house  burnt them after using chemicals. On 26th May early Morning forces prolonged their operation in Nezarabad and Rodbun and others area of Tump. Today early morning forces burnt several houses into ashes including Abducted Asim faqeer’s house who was enforcedly abducted by forces in month of February. There forces tried to kidnap Ali Jan Qomi’s sons in Nazarabad residents made it unsuccessful.Forces operation is still continuous  by time in  different areas  may  this operation prolong to the other areas of Mekuran and get worsen.

During forces operation burning and looting houses, abduction and Extra Judiciary killing of Balochs is a routine in Balochistan . Forces using highly flammable toxic chemicals in different areas damages can get extra larger amount. People having no shelter and on open sky compiled to pass their days and nights in the affected areas in these sunny days.

Human rights violations  has gotten   worst in Balochistan United Nation Silence made them  worsen .In this critical and worst  Situation we appeal to the United Nation to interfere in Balochistan to protect the humaIMG_2127n right abuses by taking some good steps. IMG_2139 IMG_2143 IMG_2142 IMG_2141

State Forces abducted 24 persons from Pasni

208436_443233412419649_664282328_n2Quetta:Spokesperson of Baloch Human rights Organization said in a statement that forces attacked the population in Pasni and tortured inocent man, women and children’s, looted the valuables and abducted 24 persons, among the abducted persons are Bilal Baloch, Abdul Rahman, sadiq Baloch, Aed Baloch, Ali Baloch, Jahanzaib Baloch, Zubair Baloch, Gulab Baloch, Ghafar Baloch, Rauf Baloch, Salam Baloch, Musadiq Baloch, Raza Khan, Arif Badami, Gulab Shamby, Khalid Baloch, Inzu Baloch, Shahdad, Waseem Jamal , Yaseen Baloch and Hafiz Baloch. A tans environment of fear was created by the forces throughout the area which is still prevailed and locality fears that forces might came again as the area is still sounded with  deployment of forces which are given freehand to repress Baloch people and to increase the momentum of Baloch Genocide and violation of Human right in Balochistan. we appeal all Human Right organizations and concerned international institutions of justice and human rights to play there due role to end state terrorism and Human Right Violations In Balochistan.

4 Mutilated bodies of abducted Balochs found in one day.

208436_443233412419649_664282328_nMutilated bodies of Hafeez Baloch, Rauf Baloch, Akbar Baloch and Adnan Baloch found frome Panjgur, Trubat and Khuzdar respectiuly. Abdul Rauf s/o Mohd Shareef, a 6th class student, resident of Panjgur has been diapered for many days, his family claimed that there son was abducted by state forces as the abduction of Baloch youth by state forces has become a daily rotten, on the morning of Tuesday 24 April his body was found at Duznap area of Panjgur , on the same day at evening another tortured body was found dumped in Panjgur wech was identified as Hafeez Anwar Baloch who was abducted on 22 April from his house at Chitkhan Panjgur  along with his brother Zaheer Anwar and Ateeq Baloch, third body found on the same day was Akbar Baloch s/o Gulam who was resident of Tump and was abducted before 10 days by State forces, another body was found in Khuzdar at Jahlawan Complex who was identified as Adnan Langov abducted on 16 may 2012 frome Mach area of Balochistan.

State forces attacked house in Turbat, Panjgur and Dera Bugti


The spokesperson of Baloch Human Rights Organization said in a statement that state forces attacked the house of Ramzan Baloch in Danuk area of Turbat and abducted Ramzan Baloch along with Naeem Baloch, Soban Baloch and Mulla Latif. In a another incidence state forces attacked a house in Ghareebabad Chitkhan area of Panjgur  and abducted Two brothers Zaheer Anwar, Hafeez Anwar and another person Ateeque Baloch. In the continuity of state terrorism state forces started operation in Khandoor, Pathar Nala , Dhan and Peer koh and adjoining areas of Deera Bugti and Naseer Aabad, forcess cordoned of the area and  tortured children, women and elders .

Simultaneous protest staged in front Quetta and Karachi press clubs on Saturday

Karachi : Baloch Human Rights Organization (BHRO) held a protest in front of Karachi Press Club against Ali Jan Baloch and ongoing state terrorism in Jaho , Mastung ,Panjgoor ,Kohistan Marri and other parts of Balochistan. 20-Apr-2013

Karachi : BHRO held a protest in front of Karachi Press Club on 20 April 2013.

Quetta : Baloch Human Rights Organization (BHRO) held a protest in front of Quetta Press Club against Ali Jan Baloch and ongoing state terrorism in Jaho , Mastung ,Panjgoor ,Kohistan Marri and other parts of Balochistan. 20-Apr-2013

Quetta : BHRO held a protest in front of Quetta Press Club on 20 April 2013.

Quetta and Karachi : Simultaneous protest has been staged in front of press clubs in Quetta and Karachi on Saturday, against killing of Baloch political leader and intellectual Ali Jan Baloch and continuity of state terrorism and Baloch genocide in Jaho, Mastung, Panjgur , Kohistan Mari and all over Balochistan.

Addressing the protest, the representative of Baloch Human Rights Organization said that the continual events of killings and state terrorism is alarming. In the continuity of state terrorism on April 20 state forces attacked the house of Ali Jan Baloch in Jaho, killing Ali Jan Baloch and 18 other abducted.

On April 18 in a smiler attack on the house of Noroz Khan state forces abducted Noroz Khan himself along with Aazum Khan and Sardar Khan, in a another  incidence in Panjgur forces looted the houses, forces indiscriminately targeted the female teachers and students in a girls school and abducted  four  Baloch including Master Asghar Baloch and Master Waheed Baloch. Read more of this post